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Are you a woman on the search for love? Does the singles and dating scene drive you nuts at times or leave you feeling frustrated or disappointed? If you’re not sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Avoid getting hurt or wasting precious time.

There’s a stack of great men out there but you have to know how to find, attract and keep the right one. Dodge the game players, the time wasters and the heart breakers and be determine quickly if he is worth investing time and emotion into.

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"This program has taught me to believe in me and the universe again. I have faith in something I thought I would never have the chance to feel. I am a better person for this experience. Thank you".

- Marg S

"Yesterday I said to one of my friends, we’ll have to set me up on on a dating profiles and they’re like, “hey, you don’t need them, all these guys are coming to you right now” and that’s just from doing this course…”

- Karen



Find your Mr Amazing… Faster!

If finding true love was easy, then everyone would already be in the perfect relationship. But, people can be complex and so too can love.

If you’ve made a decision to build a relationship based on truth, trust and love then this program can help fast track your success.

Can you relate to any of these experiences? If so, it's time to change!

Had your heart broken?
Avoid the pain of attracting and choosing a guy that doesn’t want what you want. Protect yourself and your heart by getting it right from the start.
Always falling for the wrong guy?
Break the pattern and find a guy that will light up your world. Doing the same thing will get the same results. Time to shake things up.
Believed a lie and didn’t see it coming?
Know how to read people better and feel safe to again trust. Clear the emotional blocks and take action to attract more truth and become more aware.



Truth Lies and Love: Find your Mr Amazing... Faster!!

Elly's mission is to help women navigate through the often difficult singles and dating scene to dodge the heartbreakers and the time-wasters and find someone truly amazing.

Getting and giving more truth and spotting signs of deception early are critical elements in the search for the right partner. Having an awesome relationship is one of the most special things you can have in your life – why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get it right from the start?

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