Elly Johnson

My mission is to help single women navigate through the frustrating dating scene to dodge the heartbreakers and the time-wasters and find someone truly amazing to build a great relationship with. Getting and giving more truth, building a foundation of trust and spotting signs of deception early are critical elements in the search for the right partner.

Having an awesome relationship is one of the most special things you can have in your life – why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to get it right from the start?

Elly is Australia’s leading truth and lies communication expert and is known for transforming the way people get and give information when truth, trust and genuine connection is vital.

Her passion to make a difference is contagious as she shares her knowledge of subjects that help people get more truth, develop genuine trust, build stronger relationships and avoid harmful deception.

With a rich combination of professional experience as a Police Officer, a leader and a businesswoman, Elly offers new ways to approach some of the most challenging human interactions.

She specializes in working with people to identify, navigate and overcome costly barriers caused by hidden truth, harmful deception, absent trust or misleading information.


The first time I remember really being bruised by a lie was when I was 18 and my then boyfriend looked me in the eye and told me something that I knew not to be true.

Even then I remember being fascinated with his choice to hold back the truth due to the fear of what might happen if it was revealed.

Little did I know at that stage that I would go on to have a career that revolved around exploring human behaviour and understanding the science of truth and lies.

For almost 20 years I have been consulting, training and speaking on topics that center on human connection, encouraging truth, reading behaviour and spotting harmful deception. The topics are so relevant, useful and universal that I find myself working with a large spectrum of clients. This includes high-level intelligence agents needing to build fast connections and get critical information along with business professionals, investigators, recruiters, executives and sales people.

The combination of my life experience mixed with my broad professional experience has led me to create these programs designed just for women who are navigating the singles and dating scene and on a mission to find real love with a great partner.